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“La Matera” is a place, found on an old Argentine “estancia” where family and friends gather for spirited conversation and peaceful reflection after an honest day’s work. Since 2014, La Matera has strived to maintain this verve and authenticity, while recognizing the efforts of the artisans that create original products you can’t find anywhere else.

As La Matera has grown, so has the passion to share the unique designs and fabrics, we are so passionate about. Hand-crafted to last a lifetime, we are of the opinion that nothing comes close to the quality, precise detail and simply the feel that go into the construction of every one of our belts, wallets, watches and other fine leather goods. They are truly timeless classics.

We seek to meet a higher standard in everything we touch and strive to impact local communities wherever our products are made. It is through this understanding that we support various global co-ops and organizations that harness the power of people to create social change. 

We truly hope you enjoy our products, for each one is special and has its own unique story. 

Cheers to the adventurous spirit,

Stefan Bozik
CEO & Director of Innovation
La Matera

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Save 15% off your order with 2 or more belts, wallets or watches!
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