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A note from CEO Stefan Bozik


As a family-run business, we continue to be humbled by your support and encouragement every day; we think of you like family. It’s been because of you that we’ve been able to support our wonderful artisans and bring our dream to life.

While life has undoubtably changed in recent weeks, we are finding connection to our friends, family, business partners and our fellow humans in new and different ways. In a world filled with much uncertainty, there is one thing we are certain about – that we’re all in this together.

There is a role to be played by every one of us that cannot, and should not, be underestimated. We all have a role to play in flattening the curve and this cannot be more real and more important.

As everyone shelters away, we ask you to keep in mind that the economy only works when we spend and that there are independent businesses that rely on our spending. This is not a request to purchase one of our products but rather a request that you support small businesses close or meaningful to you. Whether it’s buying a gift card from a restaurant down the street or purchasing something small you found on Etsy, if we all continue to spend even just a little bit, the lives that those businesses touch will be impacted and truly grateful. Behind every product you purchase or every meal that you eat, there’s a long line of your fellow humans that have helped make that happen.

If you do choose to purchase from us, I want you to know that we are packing and shipping orders safely, following the CDC's recommended safety guidelines. As always, we continue to offer free shipping, free returns and exchanges and a lifetime guarantee.

We are grateful for all the love we have received from your emails, comments, tags and messages – please keep them coming – and we look forward to brightening your inboxes and social feeds in the coming days and weeks.

It is our hope that La Matera can continue to bring you the quality products you love and enjoy and that we can be a source of happiness and inspiration during these otherwise uncertain times.

Remember, we’re all in this together so let’s take care of each other, now more than ever.


Stefan Bozik

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