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Our Story

Thus our Philosophy was born: create a timeless style inspired by the Argentine countryside

While on a fly­fishing trip in Argentina, brothers Alex and Brook Stroud purchased some woven belts. They had seen these distinct woven patterns worn by polo players in Buenos Aires and by gauchos in the countryside. Alex decided to return to Argentina the following summer to work on a cattle ranch. While on the ranch, Alex had the idea of a starting a company that would bring these unique fabric designs and the gritty sophistication of the estancia aesthetic back to The States. The more the two brothers discussed the idea the more excited they became about their goal of creating truly unique and beautifully made products. La Matera launched in October in 2012 and word quickly spread about the new brand. In the summer of 2013, Alex joined his brother full time after graduation. The two brothers continue to work together daily and to enjoy the challenges of running a small business as well as the inspiration they receive from travel.


Why La Matera?

“La Matera” is the place on an old Argentine estancia where families gather after work to socialize, relax, and share revitalizing maté tea. It is a place of spirited camaraderie and peaceful reflection.

We hope that you find inspiration, creativity, and enjoyment from your friends and the world around you. Put on La Matera and have some fun.

-Alex & Brook Stroud