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What lies ahead.

It’s been a long day on the plains, braving the harsh elements in order to maintain the land and the herd. You dismount your horse and make the long walk up to the estancia. When you open the door, you are instantly struck by the incredible brightness and warmth of the interior. The table is groaning under the weight of steaming platters of asado and the cups are filled with revitalizing maté tea. Around the table is your family, full of stories about their day and sharing in the simple joy of being together.

This experience of the Argentine word “la matera” inspires the company culture that I embrace. The phrase “la matera” refers to a place on an old Argentine estancia where families gather after work to socialize, relax, and share maté. It embodies a place of spirited camaraderie and peaceful reflection.

As the CEO of La Matera, I strive to never compromise on our company mission to fulfill that experience by creating distinct, high quality products with an adventurous spirit.

This place of “la matera” is one to which I invite all fellow adventurers, travelers and free spirits. Though our roots are in Argentina, we take pride in exploring beyond those borders and gaining inspiration from cultures all around the world. We believe in the importance of expanding our worldview. From the foothills of the Andes in Argentina to the vibrant marketplaces of Guatemala, La Matera belongs to the wanderers and the brave of heart. I hope to share this experience of camaraderie with all who join the La Matera journey and share in our adventures.

I am excited to carry this passion for excellence into our high quality selection of hand crafted products. We at La Matera walk the line between timeless and relevant, creating pieces for the modern gentleman. Instead of simply sending you a product, we aim to curate a lifestyle. That’s why our products include everything from belts to watches to wallets… and more. We want to provide you with the feeling and experience of “la matera” in all parts of your life. La Matera is more than a brand, it is a way of life for those with both grit and style.

Living life La Matera means stepping outside of your comfort zone and challenging the status quo. It means working hard at a job you love and traveling to places where you don’t speak the language. Much more than a destination, La Matera is a mindset.

A La Matera product belongs on someone who is decisive, bold and lives life on his own terms. La Matera is for the pioneers, the rugged adventurers, the trailblazers. It is for those who never compromise, never give up, and never give in. I hope that you carry the La Matera mantra with you into the stories you will pass on for generations to come.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.


Andrew from La Matera

Hi Rick, shoot us an email at and we’d be happy to look into making you a 24mm band.

Rick Vanderslice

Will you make wider watch bands at some point? Love your bands , but need 24mm.


Love this. Great to hear passion from the CEO.

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